So our little princess is nearly 16 weeks old! She is growing so fast! We are starting to see more of her personality and her smiles melt my heart! Being a parent is amazing, hard, tiring, and the best thing in the world.

So for whatever reason I am not able to produce enough breast milk. It sucks that I can’t provide 100% for our daughter, but I have some great people in my life who have donated milk to me so I can avoid formula. My heart is so overwhelmed with the love and kindness that has been shown to us. It took me a while to get over myself and accept from the first person who offered, I had just spilt half a bottle I just pumped (maybe an ounce and a half), and I was devastated. She offered most of the bags that she had pumped that day, which was about 4 or 5, 6 oz bags. Then about a week ago another friend offered to also donate milk, we are so blessed.

Here are some photos:

She is such a blessing to us! We are so in love!



1 month

So as usual I am a little behind. Last Monday our Princess made it to 1 month! She is starting to smile more which is amazing!

Of course not in her 1 month photos 🙄

Parts of this month have been really frustrating for me. My milk production is lacking and I am struggling to produce enough for her. I’ve tried it all: herbal supplements, essential oils, foods, the pink drink, upping water intake, and yet nothing has worked. When thinking about the future, I was worried about delivery not being pregnant or breastfeeding and those things have been a struggle for me- not to say delivery was a walk in the park because it wasn’t. But seriously! Can I catch a break!

Also little miss had a tongue tie and a lip tie, so both of those were snipped a week ago today. Nothing like the experiences I read for other little ones, but that is because the doc she went to didn’t have a laser to do it, he used scissors. That was awful! But I was still hopeful that afterwards her latch would get better and that would in turn help me produce more milk. Ugh, so far… not so much. 😔

Other then that we have just been getting used to each other. Sadly my maternity leave will be coming to end on the 14th. I’m so sad to be going back to work but I’m happy that A will have some alone time with her so they can bond more. Thankfully my mom has said she will watch her on the days that A has to work, so that means no daycare, at least for now!

That’s it for now. Hope you all are well!

Until next time!


The Day She Was Born

It has been a while since I have made an update, it has been a busy few weeks. Towards the end of the pregnancy I started having increased blood pressures, like 140’s over 90’s, which my normal is 1-teens over 70’s, so the concern began to be possible early signs of pre-eclampsia.

The night before baby girls arrival we went to the hospital because I had a headache that wasn’t going away with tylenol or water. When we arrived at the unit my blood pressure was again elevated, my co-worker, and now my nurse was concerned. I am unsure what her and the doctor talked about, but I can imagine, especially once he came in and stated that he wanted to admit me. I was scheduled to be induced the next day so the plan was just to start the process later that night after I had dinner and had a bath.

Around 10 pm we started the process, yet at midnight there hadn’t been any progress. However, over the night I had contractions, with the help of pitocin, and the next morning we moved to the next step in the induction, breaking my water. At that point the pain became extremely bad and at that point, with the encouragement of A and my nurse, I got an epidural. (Side note: I feel silly with how much I felt like a failure for getting the epidural. Knowing how the labor and delivery goes I am very happy with that choice now.)

After the epidural, I got a nap or two in, my mom arrived, and we watched as baby girl’s heart rate would keep dropping when I would have a contraction.  Stressful!! That morning was stressful. I knew I was in good hands, but watching her heart rate drop with the contractions was scary. At one point one of my co-workers came in and turned off the monitor.

Throughout this some were saying that they should just take me back for a section, and knowing what I know and the risk factors that I brought to the equation I completely understand why they were suggesting it. However, one of my doctors wasn’t quite ready to go there; when he was he came in to check me one last time. At that point I was far enough along that he had me do a test push, which I pushed well enough that baby came down a little bit and her heart rate showed that she handled that well enough that the doctor decided to allow me to push and attempt a vaginal delivery.

After about 3-4 sets of pushing baby girl made her entrance. She was perfect! She did have the umbilical cord wrapped around her neck, which explains the drop in her heart rate during each contraction.

The “delivery” of the placenta was still the worst part, however this time all I could feel was a lot of pressure (thank you Epidural!). My placenta was adhered to my uterus, which means that it had to be manually removed instead of coming out on its own. Thankfully they got it all out and both baby girl and I are okay.


Baby girl was born March 16th, 2018 at 12:46 PM. She weighed 6 lbs 14 oz. and was 20″ long.

Anyway, that is the story of her birth. I am so thankful for my friends, my family, also known as my coworkers for taking such good care of us during this whole pregnancy, to my mom for everything that you have done, and for being there for her birth and for holding my hand during the labor and delivery, and to my wonderful wife A, you were amazing during this whole experience and I know that I couldn’t have done it without you; Baby girl and I are so lucky and thankful that you are in our life!

I will try to do another update soon, but for now I need to go pump…



We have been slowly working on the nursery and I’m excited with the progress we have made! There are a few more things that need to go up but I feel like there is something missing… just not sure what it is. A made the letters above the bed and one of my friends made the letters on the door. The wood pictures were a gift for my birthday and the photos A took when we were in Scotland. The quilt was a gift from the ladies I work with ❤️❤️❤️

I hope you enjoy a look into our nursery for our Princess


Wonderful Sunday

This weekend was the baby shower, and oh my goodness! The girls out-did themselves, the party was amazing, the decorations were adorable, and the amount of love in the room was awesome! I feel so incredibly blessed by the people in our lives and the love that they have already shown to our sweet baby girl.

Here are a few photos:

Before we went to the baby shower I received a link to the photos from the maternity session. They turned out wonderfully. Huge shout out to Rustic Bloom Photography, you can check her out at http://www.rusticbloomphotography.com/oregon

Here are a few pictures:

Now we start the count down to little misses arrival ❤️❤️❤️

Until next time,


A year ago

As most of you know Facebook likes to remind you of memories from this day one year ago. My memory is that one year ago today we had our egg retrieval. they were able to get 11 eggs, 9 of them fertilized, and 5 days from then we would find out that we had 5 make it. We would transfer 1 and freeze 4, but our little girl wouldn’t stick until July, our last hope for the eggs that retrieved on this day one year ago. ❤


Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone.


Fun Times

Yesterday A and I had a maternity photo shoot with Rustic  Bloom Photography. The photographer works with a make-up and hair stylist, so I got completely dolled up. I looked into the mirror and almost didn’t recognize myself.

So let me tell you, if you are ever given the chance to have maternity photos, DO THEM! I felt so pretty and the photographer was so excited too, “beautiful!”, “Perfect!”, “You are so photogenic!”, etc. Made it that much better and so far the sneak peaks we have gotten are awesome!

Very excited to see how the rest turns out. 🙂

And again, if the opportunity is presented TAKE IT!!


after hair and makeup was completed.

A snapped this picture

Once we were all finished. So much fun, but I was tired!

Fun times

We have made it to the 33 week point!! Sometimes it amazes me that I have made it to this point, I honestly never thought I would get to experience any of this again, yet here I am.

Next Friday I get to have maternity photos done! I am so excited! The photographer works with a make-up artist/ hair stylist so I get to be “pampered” before hand and then get some awesome photos done to mark this special time. 6 days to go!

February 18th some of my favorite people are throwing me a baby shower ❤
15 days to go!

And as of now, 47 days until baby girl makes her grand debut! I am so excited to meet her.

Here is the latest monthly bump photo AND a progression photo. 🙂

Happy Saturday All.


Appointments Galore…

I noticed that I started writing this back in January, not sure why I didn’t finish, so I will do that now…

So since November I have been seeing my regular OB, acupuncturist, a Maternal Fetal Medicine doctor, then they added a fetal cardiologist, PT, dietitian, and I added a chiropractor and acupunture. So it has been a life full of work and appointments.

Mid-January, thankfully, all of this changed. We went to OHSU and saw the fetal echo cardiologist and she said from what she can see baby girl is good, so we do not need to go back for any other follow-ups. YAY!! The next week we saw the MFM and saw a different doctor than usual, she stated that everything looked good and there was no reason for us to come back to see her! WAHOO!! The dietitian stated that since I am not a gestational diabetic at this time there is no need for me to follow up UNLESS something changes! WHOOP WHOOP!!

So the only things left are acupuncture, PT, and chiropractor. This makes me so happy!

As for baby girl, at 31 weeks she was weighing apprx. 3 lbs 11oz, which put her in the 60th percentile. “They” say that babies gain about 1/2 a pound each week until birth at this point, so 9 weeks left= 4 lbs 8 oz. Add that to her weight of 3 lbs 11 oz and we are looking at approximately 8 lbs 3 oz plus or minus a pound. Fingers crossed it is closer to the minus a pound side.

She has been head down, but last night it felt like she turned, not too worried at this point-however it is so much more uncomfortable in this current position and I hope that she decides to go back to the other position SOON!!