So our little princess is nearly 16 weeks old! She is growing so fast! We are starting to see more of her personality and her smiles melt my heart! Being a parent is amazing, hard, tiring, and the best thing in the world.

So for whatever reason I am not able to produce enough breast milk. It sucks that I can’t provide 100% for our daughter, but I have some great people in my life who have donated milk to me so I can avoid formula. My heart is so overwhelmed with the love and kindness that has been shown to us. It took me a while to get over myself and accept from the first person who offered, I had just spilt half a bottle I just pumped (maybe an ounce and a half), and I was devastated. She offered most of the bags that she had pumped that day, which was about 4 or 5, 6 oz bags. Then about a week ago another friend offered to also donate milk, we are so blessed.

Here are some photos:

She is such a blessing to us! We are so in love!



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